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Pippa Wilson MBE, Olympic Gold Medal Winner

Pippa WilsonI absolutely loved studying for my personal training course with the PT academy and putting some of the theory behind my practical training has been fascinating. Whilst training full time in my sport, fitness training became a large part of our daily schedule, but with so many other commitments I never really had the time to full understand the science behind the training. Since the outset, PT Academy have been hugely positive, pro-active, reliable and a joy to be working with. They have offered support where I have required it and the encouragement I needed to progress with my learning. I would highly recommend the training establishment to anyone looking to become a personal trainer and am very much looking forward to gaining my qualification.


Vaughan Lee, UFC Pro fighter

Vaughn LeeThis course with PT Academy is one of the best decisions I have made. I consider myself to be at the top of my game right now and made my pro UFC  debut. This course, its content, the things I did were the perfect compliment. My tutor was awesome, a real pleasure and inspiration and the training on the course was good too. I met some great guys on the course and all went onto to do some great things. I owe you guys at PT Academy allot. Thank You. 
When I look back, its funny that when I was enquiring about courses, everyone was keen to mention price comparisons, but not one company mentioned you guys, but you were by far the most competitive and best value for money. Id more than recommend the PT Academy to any one. 


Thomas McNamee

Thomas Mcnamee

During my with PT Academy I have had nothing but a clear and positive service! I have spoke with professional and experienced individuals. PT Academy is a well organised and professional institute and gladly recommend it anymore to people looking to further there knowledge and start a new interesting and exciting career pathway! Would definitely recommend them to any one wanting to become a personal trainer.


Sally Tuson (Essex)

I am absolutely ecstatic to have won the amazing prize from the PT Academy, I genuinely couldn't believe when I received the call on Friday Evening. I have been talking about trying to get my qualifications Sally Tusonfor quite some time now and to have the opportunity to complete these thanks to you guys it means I can do them a lot sooner! I have always wanted to get away from an office job and work in fitness and sport as this is my passion! I had already heard great things about PT academy as that is where my housemate completed her qualification’s too and was a company she suggested I look at for completing mine. I can’t thank the PT academy enough for the opportunity to work in a field I have always been passionate about and wanted to work in. I also am over the moon to have won so much protein and supplement’s this will definitely keep me going for the coming rugby season and my busy training schedule. I would 100 percent recommend PT academy to all my friends and family!!