How to become a Personal Trainer in Harringay

What is
a personal trainer?

Personal trainers motivate and help clients to achieve their personal health and fitness goals by creating bespoke one to one fitness programmes. There are many reasons why personal training is so much more than simply just supporting clients in the gym, PT’s will also:

  • Advise clients on their overall health, their nutrition and changes to their lifestyle that will help them reach their goals.
  • Look at a client’s long-term Personal Training goals and then create short-term milestones to reach them.
  • Educate clients on all aspects of training safety when exercising at home or with specific equipment.
  • Be instrumental in improving the client’s mental health, well-being and overall attitude to fitness and health.
  • Provide an overview of clients’ exercise and fitness progress, as well as recording body-fat levels and other key metrics.
Do I need
qualifications to become a personal trainer?

Do I need qualifications to become a personal trainer? To become a personal trainer, you will need to have the relevant qualifications from a reputable governing body. There are different levels of personal trainer qualifications, but the recognised entry-level qualifications are often:

Are there any
further qualifications I should look at?

While you can begin practising as a personal trainer with just the above, to ensure you are giving your clients the very best service a higher qualification is extremely beneficial, so we recommend completing a recognised Level 3 Qualification as well, which includes:

On top of that, and to be considered a top-level Personal Trainer, there are also Level 4 courses that focus on specific areas of the body or nutrition, which include:

Are there any other
things to consider?

Can I save money with a course bundle? PT Academy offers all of the above courses as one-offs, but to get the very best value for your money is to qualify through one of our course bundles or courses, such as:

  • Platinum Diploma
  • Super Platinum Plus Diploma
  • Gold Diploma
  • And more, available here!

Who certifies the training courses and do I get a certificate? All the courses provided by PT Academy are certified by an established and well-known organisations, such as NCFE and Focus Awards. If you pick a course with a mentor, your mentor will explain everything you need about the courses and certifying bodies and can give you advice on how to best demonstrate the knowledge and skills that the awarding bodies are looking for.

Should I join a Personal Training Organisation when I am qualified? If you want to demonstrate competence and skills whilst also boosting your career prospects then membership of a professional organisation, such as the Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS), CIMSPA or National Register of Personal Trainers (NRPT) is an ideal way to do this.

Is there anything else I need to be a personal trainer? Once qualified and signed up to a professional organisation, the last thing you will need to operate as a fully-fledged personal trainer is insurance and a first aid award – particularly if you are training clients in a one-on-one environment. EREPS, CIMSPA and other bodies can also advise on your first aid and insurance needed, as well as how to sort any tax or self-employment issues.


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